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Treasure Hunt 2015

Most of my images in my work symbolize deeper consciousness and desires, i.e. birds represent freedom, spirit, innocence, children.
Trees symbolize power, strength, life and death, growth etc.
the title, Treasure Hunt symbolizes our passage through life, all the little houses and squares are like the paths we take, journeys we follow and decisions we make during our lives.
The ladders represent the possibility to escape, as well as the possibility to reach to higher elevations. The girl on the limb represents the child in all of us and our need to make decisions and follow our own path regardless of fear or opposition.
I like to combine materials, imagery, styles and genres in my work,
The challenge comes in unifying these elements in a cohesive way.
I work on panel and do a huge amount of “math” throughout the process – i.e. adding paint and subtracting (scraping) it. I like to take risks and try new methods of applying paint or other materials.
As many of you know, I have worked with kids for 25 years. I am fascinated by their curiosity, their living in the moment and by their honest and unbiased artwork. I also love outsider art, folk art, primitive art and anything that is “unschooled”, chalk drawings on the sidewalk, marks made by workmen etc.
This piece was a sequal to a piece I called “Fear of Heights”. Both pieces represent childhood fears that carry over into adult lives.
When I was little I loved climbing trees but I remember once I climbed up a water tower. When I got to the top I froze and found I couldn’t move. I stayed there for many hours, and finally found my way down but with shaky limbs and a pounding heart. And yes, I am still afraid of heights, ask my sisters and mom about flying with me, haha…
Never stop trying to find and follow your path regardless of your fears, and if you can’t overcome them, then accept, embrace, meditate, breathe, pray, beg and take valium when needed :